What: The Traders Course with Greg Michalowski

When: 4 pm ET

Topic:  “Traders Open Forum”.  

REGISTER:  https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/268256264 

One advantage of the Traders Course is the question and answer session that typically follows.  It is during this time, that traders like you, get to “Ask the Master” and get the straight answers.   

Today, because of “work meetings” before the scheduled webinar, and a flight I have to catch soon after, I thought it would be fun to have an open forum where the teacher can let the traders run the show (or at least dictate the direction).  The floor is open. The show will be taped.   Anything goes. 

If the show goes well and the response is favorable (let me know in the survey response after), the “Traders Open Forum” might be a webinar I do more often  to supplement the normal “Traders Course” (on Tuesday and Thursday).

So come in early (I will open the room at 3:40 PM). Post your questions and let’s all learn and have some fun.