The EURUSD has been wandering lower and lower over since peaking 5-10 minutes after the weaker economic data today. The move below the 100 hour MA at the 1.3373 level, helped switch the buyers to sellers as traders gave up on the upside.  The pair is now comfortably lower on the day (4 PM Friday close was at 1,33837) with the next support target at the lows for the day (at 1.33562).  Below that level, the 200 hour MA at the 1.33449 and trend line support at 1.3340 will be targeted.

The range still remains low for the day at 38 pips and quite frankly, between now and the close, the price could extend higher or lower given the right jolt.  However, absent a reason to buy (i.e., some sort of jolt), the buyers have not been able to show any sort of of upside force since the first few minutes after the 8:30 AM release.  So I have to assume, they should not be so anxious to buy now either.  As a result, the wander down, seems to the path of least resistance.