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EURUSD triggers stops below the 200 hour MA

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The EURUSD is triggering stops below the 200 hour MA at the 1.2538 level and looks next toward the 1.2515 (see 61.8% in the chart above).  Traders will now look for the 1.25488 as topside resistance (50% of the move up).  Staying below the 200 hour MA and shorts/sellers really feeling good (that level comes in at 1.2538).

Overall, it is better action than I thought today. 

PS. The EURJPY also triggered stops below the 100 hour MA at 100.143 and EURGBP also moved lower.

EURJPY tests support. Finds buyers.

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The 38.2% of the move up from last weeks lows comes in at 100.207.

The 100 hour MA comes in at 100.143.

This is support for the pair and I would expect buyers against the level with stops below (100.143).  A move above the 100.49 level (high from London session) would be needed to give the buyers more upside momentum.

GBPUSD catches up to the EURUSD

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In a prior post I commented that the EURUSD and the GBPUSD were the same but different. The diffence was the GBPUSD was testing the 38.2% retracement of the move up from last weeks lows, while the EURUSD was testing the 38.2% retracement of the similar move higher.

That dynamic changed on the breaking of the 38.2% level at 1.56303. On that break, the price fell sharply, finding support at the 50% level (low reached 1.56039 vs 1.56023 for the 50% retracement level).  The GBPUSD had caught up to the EURUSD (at least from this perspective).

In the process, the price has also broken below the 200 hour MA (green line in the chart above) at the  1.56167 level (currently). Staying below would certainly be bearish but be warned that a move back toward 1.56266-1.56335 cannot be ruled out (38.2% -50% of the last leg down).  Staying below this area would also keep the bearish bias  for the days trading.  A move above, and I would expect more of a balanced trading between the buyers and the sellers.

AUDUSD is back above the 100 and 200 day MAs

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The 200 day MA (green line) is at 1.02539.

The 100 day MA (blue line) is at 1.02596

When the 100 and 200 bar moving averages converge with the price, I will look for the price  to move away (I call this Three’s a Crowd. The price is the third wheel that has to move away/leave). 

The low today came in at 1.0260. So the bulls are winning the battle on the break higher today as traders used the level to define risk and buy.  Stay above and the price should continue the move to the upside, with the next target at 1.0367. This level represents the 61.8% retracement of the of the 2012 trading range (see chart above).  

If the price, should instead find sellers and fail on the break above, look for stops and a move below the years midpoint at the 1.0216 level. This would be a signal that a top is in place – for now at least – and I would expect further selling pressure..

Looking at the hourly chart, although the market is bullish by virtue of the ability to stay above the key MAs on the daily chart, the failure on the break above channel resistance that could give traders a reason to pause (see chart below). If the price should move back below the key MAs at 1.0253-59, traders might consider that failure to be more significant than it is now. Until then, however, I still have to give the nod to the bulls. 

USDCAD keeps above the 200 day MA / 50% retracement in quiet trade

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The 200 day MA (green line  in the chart above) is at 1.0116.  The 50% is the 1.01215.  The low is 1.01177.  I don’t know if the price breaks this key support will there be the expected stops of such a key level.  However traders should be aware that the holiday trade and such key support can cause some fireworks on a break.  Be aware.  Currently, however,  the price is holding the line nicely in a very narrow trading range (24 pips low to high).   

Looking at the intraday chart, the price has resistance at the 1.0130 area. The midpoint of the days range is 1.0129. A move above and shorts/buyers may look to rotate the action more to the upside. With the range so narrow, it would not be out of the realm of possibilities for it to be extended – despite the holiday trade – but then again….how far can it go?  The 1.0150 and 1.0160 (midpoint of the weeks range) is the next upside targets.

GBPUSD similar to the EURUSD but different…

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Like the EURUSD, the price in the GBPUSD has fallen below the 100 hour MA (at 1.56427 currently – resistance now) but instead of targeting the 50% retracement of the move higher, it is testing the 38.2% of the move up from last weeks low.  That level comes in at 1.56303.   A move below will look toward the 200 hour MA at 1.5616 currently. 

The PMI Serice in the UK came out weaker today at 51.3 vs 52.9 expected (lower than last month at 53.3), but unlike the the German PMI, was still above the 50 level.   The market price bottomed just before the release this morning, but rebounded after the event.   The correction off that low, corrected toward the 50% level and started the move back lower (see 5 minute chart below). 

The topside trend line off that chart comes in at 1.5644. The 38.2% and 100 bar MA is at the 1.5653 area.  These too are topside resistance for the pair in the trade today. Stay below and the price continues the drift lower.

EURUSD moves below 100 hour MA. Midpoint and 200 hour MA next stops

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The EURUSD was able to wander to the downside, and get below the 100 hour MA at the 1.2572 level.  Weaker German PMI Services index is the contributing reason for the move (falling to 49.9 from 50.3 and below expectations of 50.3).  This is now resistance in the holiday trade.   The midpoint of the move up from last weeks lows comes in at 1.25488 and the 200 hour (green line) at 1.2538. These  are the next downside targets that keep the sellers in charge. 

With NY markets (and everything else) closed, you cannot expect much. Last year, the pair had an respectable 82 pip range. The pair was up on the day, but the day created the peak for the month and was followed by a 740 pip move to the downside.  In 2010, July 4th was celebrated on Monday July 5th and the range was a more modest 57 pips. The range today is 52 pips so far.


Momentum fades against key resistance for the EURUSD

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The EURUSD momentum found the expected sellers against the targeted resistance levels. The price rotation back lower is back to what is intraday support.   Shorts from above, would like to see a move below this area to confirm the top may be in place for the day.

USDCAD at key level

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The 50% of the move up from the April low and the 200 day MA come in at 1.01215 and 1.0117 respectively.  This is a key level for the pair.

EURUSD extends to the resistance target

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The target resistance area is being tested at the 1.2623-26 area.  Trend line resistance and the old low from January.  Will see if traders use the level to take profit. On an extension higher, the London high from yesterday at 1.2666 is  the next target, followed by the high from Friday at 1.26917.

Watch for a mvoe below the 1.2613 to signal a more balanced market. If the price can not move below this area, the buyers could squeeze the shorts some more……

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